My first week in Rostock

September 7 – 14 2016

Hi guys! My first week in Rostock. Where to begin? I have experienced so much already. I arrived at Rostock Hafen with the ferry at 5 o’clock PM last Wednesday, and three co-workers stood waiting for me with danish flags – so nice!

It was so nice to travel by ferry – so sunny and beatiful at the Baltic Sea! My first sight of land was Warnemünde – the local exotic city with a long beach many tourists. The porttown Rostock lies some distance in the fjord: The porttown of Rostock

I have my own quite large room with two beds, a huge clothes closet and a desk. I share toilet and shower with another person in the appartment, and the kitchen is shared by all four girls in the appartment. I live with Clara-Marie (or just Marie – German) , Angi (German) und Lenka (Czech).

During the weekend, I went to the beach and swam and played volley ball. We went out Saturday night and drank some beer. I found out that young people often drink ‘Jever’.

A Jever beer is like a normal pilsner, but in my opinion i little jever_biermore strong than Danish pilsner ale.


Sightseeing Sunday the 11. September:

I went on a culture sightseeing together with Marie, my other EVS associate, Zsolt, and my tutor, Martze. Rostock is a center for culture, art and creativity. Originally, Rostock had 7 churches in order to give luck to the city.

First, we went to the evangelic church Skt. Nikolai Kirche in the old part of Rostock. This church is a culture church with art exhibitions about great world problems such as global warming, bombing and terror, ecology and consumption economics.

Afterwards we went to the Skt. Petri Kirche close by. Marie and I went up in the great tower of the church – 192 stair steps!

During the Second World War, Rostock was a test city for bombings for the Allies in order to investigate how people reacted and so on. Rostock was a big mess in the 1940s and the only buildings standing reasonable unharmed were the churches because they functioned as landmarks for the Allies.

The tower roof of the Skt. Petri Kirche was blowned away in 1942 and the church stood without a roof during the DDR time and was first monitored again in 1992. During the DDR time, churches were not deemed important a well as culture, art and so on were given low priorities.

We ate fish for lunch on a nice ship – the fish there is freshly caught every morning. Later we went to Lange Straße were an ecological forum was taking place the whole day.


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