Harry Potter and Gugelhupf

September 14-17 2016

I have become a member for the Stadt Bibliothek in Rostock this week, so what to lend? Well, Harry Potter of course!imag0888

I just finished ‘Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire” this spring and now I have lended “Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix” – Total krass!

I went to the beach and began reading it – and it is quite good, as expected. I love reading books, and now I challenge myself with a German Kinder book.

It is not so high LIX, but it is a beginning!

Harry Potter has just arrived with Mad Eye and the other members of the Phoenix at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Long Island Ice tea All-night biking!

IMAG0909.jpgFriday evening Marie and I went out to drink some beer and Long Island Ice tea with Felix, another volunteer. We started the evening at Peter Weiss Haus, but ended up biking around Rostock all night having a great time!

The picture is taken at Peter Weiss Haus and captures the unique style the place has.

Schwimmhalle and sweets

Today, Saturday the 17. of September I went to the Neptun Swimhall together with Marie. I tried swimming but it was not easy as I had to zig-zag between all the slow-swimming people. Later we went to the library to rent a movie – starring Johnny Depp!! – and went to my büro because there is Wi-Fi (order W-LAN wie man in Deutsch sagt).

The cake is a gugelhupf, apparantly some kind of lemon cake. It was nice!

On the picture you can see my büro where my team and I every day work from 10-15 Monday -Friday, Mac systems and all.

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