Beautiful people of Rostock

This post is a reflective piece of me, and what initial challenges I have had so far during my stay. I have just started learning the German culture, and I have many new impressions.

I’ve been in Germany for 2 ½ months now, and I have met enough people to call my sphere a network. In the beginning of my stay it was difficult meeting new people in my spare time.

My language was not not well enough developed so that I could be a part of a “normal” conversation. But I guess that the ones who have enough patience with me and my lacking cultural and social understanding will stick around 🙂 . I can feel a major development with my language, and as a consequence I can now understand more when I’m hanging out with German people. I have a better feeling of irony – yeah, for the ones reading this, who knows me well, will perhaps be quite surprised 😉 – and ‘non-said’ things going on when you’re with other people.

It was very difficult to get to know the people of Rostock personally – there is this distance. I sometimes wonder if foreigns in Denmark feel the same thing. It takes time and trust before people open up, and it is really frustating. You can easily become lonely in another country when you don’t have anyone by your side, as you’re used to having.

I can feel something new taking place – I have met a lot of new people in few weeks, and this must indicate that I have bursted some kind of bubble! I just enjoy every moment I have here, and I am grateful for all the people who are interested in getting to know me better and wants to hang out with me.

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