Christmas & start of 2017

Christmas markets

Eventhough I am not geographicaly long away from home, there is still a big difference in the way Christmas is celebrated in Germany and in Denmark.

I have selected to most intereseting photos I have taken throughout December. The most remarkable difference is the phenomenon “Weihnachtsmarkt” in Germany. The streets are full with small stands containing everything from Glühwein to posters, and art.

There are always people in the streets in December, and during weekends the streets are really crowded. In Rostock, there also was an amusement park at the habour. I tried riding the Break Dancer – a crazy ride with too much force and pressure turning round and around. 3 euros for 5 minutes in hell, I can’t recommend that. 😉

One weekend I showed the folks Hamburg. It was a very nice weekend, and I realised how much German I understood – Mom and Dad would have been completely lost without me! 😀 As we were paying for some Christmas presents in Saturn, the cashier asked whether we wanted a bonus receipt, a bag and so on, and i talked to hear like any other would have done. At the time we were done in Saturn, my parents looked surprised and slightly confused at me, and my dad was like “I didn’t understand a single thing of that conversation!”.

After the terror attack in Berlin, peolpe were of course stunned, but all people kept saying to each other that “we should not be afraid” – and qucikly, life went on, and the atmosphere was cozy again. I did observe a new side of the Christmas markets though; full-armed police forces everywhere in the center of Hamburg and Rostock, and big concrete blocks to protect the markets and the people. It was nice to see that the blocks have been painted in colours in Hamburg, so they looked like big LEGO bricks.

Nice time with good friends

December was a busy month for me – we had several events at work to plan and organise. Apart from all the fun at work, I had the pleasure to try the Grüne Kombüse with some Yoga-friends – it is a vegan restaurant in the old city of Rostock. I’ve never really considered the vegan and vegetarian food concepts, and I’m surprised how big a thing it is for people. They are definitely intereseting areas, but I’ve never been in an environment before were such themes were discussed.

Together with a couple of colleagues I organsed a Christmas party at my institution. We ate risalamande (danish dessert Christmas Eve), played Schrott Wichteln (Trash-presents play) and also had a Czech activity with homemade walnuts and candles in a basin of water. How the boats behave relative to each other will forsee your destiny.

Christmas Eve and Sylvester Abend

I spent my Christmas Eve together with the folks and my brother at my mom’s sister’s place in Nordjylland. It was a comfortable and cozy evening with all our traditions in Denmark. We ate the classic meal with potatos, brown sauce, roasted pork, duck and for dessert the beloved risalamande with cherry sauce. Afterwards we danced around the Christmas tree and then opened our presents. It was nice to see my little brother again – I’ve missed him more than I thought – much luv! ❤

New Year’s Eve / Sylvester Abend I spent in Rostock with my Triathlon club. We started in one appartment where there were food, drinks and music. Later I cycled to the habour to meet some friends, and jumped into 2017 with firework all around me and happy people everywhere. Later we went to the LT-Club in Rostock and partied. It was a fun night, but I have never experienced so many dangerous situations during a New Year’s Eve – so many people just threw fireworks as it was harmless waterballoons. But I – as the only one in entire Rostock I think – wore sunglasses to protect my sight, so all good. 🙂

Happy new year to everyone!! ❤

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