Second weekend in March 2017, I went on a small tour to Berlin and Potsdam with Lenka to visit our good friend, Raúl. We had packed our bags so we could leave directly from Frieda and take the tram to the bus station in Rostock.

I was a bit nervous that the bus would be badly delayed because I have had really bad delays the last three times I have taken public transporta. But the fourth time must be my lucky time because we reached Berlin as scheduled that Friday. 😀

As we arrived at Alexanderplatz, the sun was slowly beginning to descend on the horizont creating really beautiful light. We walked through the whole city from the East part via Brandenburger Tor and through the West part of Berlin.

I have only been in Berlin as a small child on a summer holiday so visiting Berlin was like a first-time for me. On this evening walk I noticed that I couldn’t point out a city center as I know it with small old houses and twisted old roads. I only saw a lot of medium-large buildings with antique architecture such as columns on the facades and triangular rooftops. But I love it nontheless! 🙂


Potsdam in sunset.

We walked by the Parliament and other really awesome buildings in the west of Berlin before reaching the tram/bus/train-station. Here we met up with Raúl who took us to Potsdam where he lives during his EVS service.

We actually wanted to eat dinner at a french crepes restaurant in Potsdam but it was booked so we made some delicious dinner at his place, and then went to sleep after a long day.

Saturday we spent in Potsdam enjoying the many palaces and green areas. There was really lovely weather the entire weekend, so I captured some really priceless moments with my camera.




I love the light!

Lenka and I started the day with eating breakfirst at the sea before going for a long stroll in the Sanssouci park with Raúl. On the walk we saw multiple palaces – one of them is now where the Potsdam University is located.

Afterwards we walked into the center of Potsdam, and the light just kept on being so beautiful. This part of Berlin has a very cozy and nice feeling to it – the buildings are smaller, there are cobblestone streets making the atmosphere down to earth.

This evening we managed to eat at the crepes place and afterwards we walked to the harbour.

Lenka and I ended up alone, and as we always tend to be fully spontanous we decided to go to the theater – we went to see Die Schönen Dinge in the Hans Otto Theater Potsdam. The play has been writen from the novel »Les jolies choses«, and was really wild and funny! Eventhough it was a german play, I was entertained through it all. 🙂

Group photo of us all.

Sunday we went into Berlin center to make a fast tourist day before we had to go back to Rostock. We started at the Holocaust Memorial where there is a free museum underneath the pavement. We then took the metro to the Charlie Checkpoint between the Sovjetunion and America. At this spot we found one of Berlins Photo Booths, where we had fun taking black-white pictures. 🙂

Then we went to the Berlin Wall, which of course was marked with our beloved FiSH at the end of it. Suddenly our time was up and we had to travel back to Rostock. It was a lovely weekend, and I surely could have used more time! ❤

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