Final chapter

My year in Rostock has come to an end. Since I moved there, time has been running too fast. As I look back today, I’ve experienced so much, tried so much new, met so many amazing new people and sit here partly a new version of myself.  But the more things change, the more they stay the same, right? This is the final chapter of my Rostock adventure.

My journey has changed many things. I have learned the German language. I can actually understand this language very well now, and for that I am very happy!
I have expanded my knowledge about Europe and all the challenges we face, our similarities and differences. I feel more European than I did before.
I have learned new skills and advanded the ones I already had – ranging from exploring my creative side to developing my professional capabilities.
I’ve returned to an old passion of mine: Photography. I went to a flea market to see if I could find some old analog cameras. I ended up buying a beautiful typewriter instead, and found two analog cameras online. And I love taking photos with them – I continuously learn more and get better. Some of the photos in this post are taken with my new Praktica.
I’ve met many new people. They have all been a part of my adventure in different ways. Sadly many of these people will not stay in my life because that is just the way things work. We meet in a period of our lives where it makes sense, and then we move on and eventually slip away from one another. But I know that a few of them have walked into my life to stay.
I’ve explored new perspectives on living life, new ways of cooking, new music, new films, new routines, new opinions, new emotions. I could go on.
Most importantly, I have learned much about myself. And that is what it all was about I guess. It was not about figuring something out. It was not about fixing something or running away from life’s routines. Really, I went on my volunteering adventure because I felt like it.

The decision to do something completely different in life is often a hard one to make. And I’m proud I had the courage to make that decision for myself.

This final chapter also means a new beginning. The next months will be exciting but also scary. My blogging content is just as unsure as my own future, but that is nothing new, really – I will for sure still post stuff because I enjoy it.