My first real shot with my Nikon D3100 camera with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II zoom objectiv DX lense.

Text ~ Leuchtturm.
Zerfallen und alt
Doch standhaft zugleich
Überstehst Jahr um Jahr
Und trotz der Gefahr
Und nun du kleiner alter
erinnerst du mich an die
Vergänglichkeit des Seins.

Final chapter

My year in Rostock has come to an end. Since I moved there, time has been running too fast. As I look back today, I’ve experienced so much, tried so much new, met so many amazing new people and sit here partly a new version of myself.  But the more things change, the more they stay the same, right? This is the final chapter of my Rostock adventure.

My journey has changed many things. I have learned the German language. I can actually understand this language very well now, and for that I am very happy!
I have expanded my knowledge about Europe and all the challenges we face, our similarities and differences. I feel more European than I did before.
I have learned new skills and advanded the ones I already had – ranging from exploring my creative side to developing my professional capabilities.
I’ve returned to an old passion of mine: Photography. I went to a flea market to see if I could find some old analog cameras. I ended up buying a beautiful typewriter instead, and found two analog cameras online. And I love taking photos with them – I continuously learn more and get better. Some of the photos in this post are taken with my new Praktica.
I’ve met many new people. They have all been a part of my adventure in different ways. Sadly many of these people will not stay in my life because that is just the way things work. We meet in a period of our lives where it makes sense, and then we move on and eventually slip away from one another. But I know that a few of them have walked into my life to stay.
I’ve explored new perspectives on living life, new ways of cooking, new music, new films, new routines, new opinions, new emotions. I could go on.
Most importantly, I have learned much about myself. And that is what it all was about I guess. It was not about figuring something out. It was not about fixing something or running away from life’s routines. Really, I went on my volunteering adventure because I felt like it.

The decision to do something completely different in life is often a hard one to make. And I’m proud I had the courage to make that decision for myself.

This final chapter also means a new beginning. The next months will be exciting but also scary. My blogging content is just as unsure as my own future, but that is nothing new, really – I will for sure still post stuff because I enjoy it.

nostalgic FiSH feeling

I’ve been working since September
on this project
time has gone strangely
fast but yet slow
The idea of this festival
was blurry and unknown
in the beginning
but in the end
everything got clear to me
I have met exciting talented,
new people who have changed me in different ways.
How was it like? I can’t really
answer that question in a meaningful way
it was the most excentric, awesome and special experience
I’ve ever had
and now it’s become an
exquisite memory in my head
with a million facets, moods and moments
This memory is far too big
at the moment for me
to be able to tell it – I guess
I need time to understand, myself
It’s been some intense months
before the festival and now,
on the other side, I feel
strangely empty and melancholic
but also clear that now
I have to move on with my life
to new adventures

and I wonder;
what awaits me?

Danes in Rostock

I had the pleasure to get visit from the best person ever this weekend. ❤ We have this kind of thing where we only meet up a couple of times per year, but it never feels like so long time for me because we just fit together. I first met you on our first day at high school, and I just instantly felt how well I could talk to you – about everthing in life. Since that day you’ve been one of those special human beings for me. 🙂

Smile but don’t look in it.

With time, a lot has happened in both our lives. I have been through a lot and I have seen people coming and going in my life, and you’re still here and has been with me through it all.

I haven’t always been good at appreciating you in my life – forgetting you and our friendship in periods. Love is known as being a very good distractor, which makes you cut essential people in your life off because you get hooked on the feeling of love. In the situation it might make sense, but with time you find out how important it is to have people around you, whom you can trust with the deepest things.

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.


You’ve helped me remembering what it means to have people around, and I have learned a lot from you on so many different levels – from salsa moves to dealing with a broken heart.

I know I still have things to work on, I think we all have stuff we always try to better cope with. The hard thing for me is putting it into words and opening up to even the closest people. I don’t know for sure, but maybe I’m just better at coping with certain things alone sometimes. You just need to know that it means the world to me that you understand that, and that we are capable of siting at café without saying a word to each other for several minutes because you know I am processeing things in my mind.

I’m struggling with a lot of things at the moment, so I am very thankful that you came visiting me in Rostock this weekend. For me it wasn’t just a friendly visit but also a weekend of contemplation and deep enjoyable laughs I haven’t had in a long time. Thank you for that. ❤ 🙂


Second weekend in March 2017, I went on a small tour to Berlin and Potsdam with Lenka to visit our good friend, Raúl. We had packed our bags so we could leave directly from Frieda and take the tram to the bus station in Rostock.

I was a bit nervous that the bus would be badly delayed because I have had really bad delays the last three times I have taken public transporta. But the fourth time must be my lucky time because we reached Berlin as scheduled that Friday. 😀

As we arrived at Alexanderplatz, the sun was slowly beginning to descend on the horizont creating really beautiful light. We walked through the whole city from the East part via Brandenburger Tor and through the West part of Berlin.

I have only been in Berlin as a small child on a summer holiday so visiting Berlin was like a first-time for me. On this evening walk I noticed that I couldn’t point out a city center as I know it with small old houses and twisted old roads. I only saw a lot of medium-large buildings with antique architecture such as columns on the facades and triangular rooftops. But I love it nontheless! 🙂


Potsdam in sunset.

We walked by the Parliament and other really awesome buildings in the west of Berlin before reaching the tram/bus/train-station. Here we met up with Raúl who took us to Potsdam where he lives during his EVS service.

We actually wanted to eat dinner at a french crepes restaurant in Potsdam but it was booked so we made some delicious dinner at his place, and then went to sleep after a long day.

Saturday we spent in Potsdam enjoying the many palaces and green areas. There was really lovely weather the entire weekend, so I captured some really priceless moments with my camera.




I love the light!

Lenka and I started the day with eating breakfirst at the sea before going for a long stroll in the Sanssouci park with Raúl. On the walk we saw multiple palaces – one of them is now where the Potsdam University is located.

Afterwards we walked into the center of Potsdam, and the light just kept on being so beautiful. This part of Berlin has a very cozy and nice feeling to it – the buildings are smaller, there are cobblestone streets making the atmosphere down to earth.

This evening we managed to eat at the crepes place and afterwards we walked to the harbour.

Lenka and I ended up alone, and as we always tend to be fully spontanous we decided to go to the theater – we went to see Die Schönen Dinge in the Hans Otto Theater Potsdam. The play has been writen from the novel »Les jolies choses«, and was really wild and funny! Eventhough it was a german play, I was entertained through it all. 🙂

Group photo of us all.

Sunday we went into Berlin center to make a fast tourist day before we had to go back to Rostock. We started at the Holocaust Memorial where there is a free museum underneath the pavement. We then took the metro to the Charlie Checkpoint between the Sovjetunion and America. At this spot we found one of Berlins Photo Booths, where we had fun taking black-white pictures. 🙂

Then we went to the Berlin Wall, which of course was marked with our beloved FiSH at the end of it. Suddenly our time was up and we had to travel back to Rostock. It was a lovely weekend, and I surely could have used more time! ❤