First Month of the Year

Schwerin & Volleyball.

In the triatlon club, where I swim, they are used to swim around in a small lake at the summer triathlon each year. Instead of waiting a few months Johannes and I decided to take a dip, and it was way too cold! 😀 That was maybe the most reckless idea we came up with.. We also visited Schwerin and enjoyed a walk of iciness to the Schwerin Palace before we went to a volleyball game.

Visit from Potsdam.

This month I also enjoyed a visit from my new friend, Raúl. He lives in Potsdam as an european volunteer. I met him during my first EVS Seminar in Weismar. We made brilliant lagsagne – vegi and fleischi! 😉

As we went home from a pub in Rostock, it had started snowing. And as the grown-up children we are, we had to show our skills in making snow angels. 🙂

I found out that Spanish people greet the sea by splashing seawater in their faces. Funny how different we are: A lot of other people visiting Warnemünde keep walking at a safe distance from the waves to ensure that their shoes won’t get wet. 😉

Selection panel for FiSH.

Last week of January I spent in Wismar screening 380 films together with five others. From Monday to Friday we saw films, each day 11 hours. It was a special week, a lot of themes were covered, and a lot of great discussions.

Wednesday we went for a walk in the city (during that the foto below was taken) and as usual, FiSH understand to entertain themselves. 🙂