Christmas & start of 2017

Christmas markets

Eventhough I am not geographicaly long away from home, there is still a big difference in the way Christmas is celebrated in Germany and in Denmark.

I have selected to most intereseting photos I have taken throughout December. The most remarkable difference is the phenomenon “Weihnachtsmarkt” in Germany. The streets are full with small stands containing everything from Glühwein to posters, and art.

There are always people in the streets in December, and during weekends the streets are really crowded. In Rostock, there also was an amusement park at the habour. I tried riding the Break Dancer – a crazy ride with too much force and pressure turning round and around. 3 euros for 5 minutes in hell, I can’t recommend that. 😉

One weekend I showed the folks Hamburg. It was a very nice weekend, and I realised how much German I understood – Mom and Dad would have been completely lost without me! 😀 As we were paying for some Christmas presents in Saturn, the cashier asked whether we wanted a bonus receipt, a bag and so on, and i talked to hear like any other would have done. At the time we were done in Saturn, my parents looked surprised and slightly confused at me, and my dad was like “I didn’t understand a single thing of that conversation!”.

After the terror attack in Berlin, peolpe were of course stunned, but all people kept saying to each other that “we should not be afraid” – and qucikly, life went on, and the atmosphere was cozy again. I did observe a new side of the Christmas markets though; full-armed police forces everywhere in the center of Hamburg and Rostock, and big concrete blocks to protect the markets and the people. It was nice to see that the blocks have been painted in colours in Hamburg, so they looked like big LEGO bricks.

Nice time with good friends

December was a busy month for me – we had several events at work to plan and organise. Apart from all the fun at work, I had the pleasure to try the Grüne Kombüse with some Yoga-friends – it is a vegan restaurant in the old city of Rostock. I’ve never really considered the vegan and vegetarian food concepts, and I’m surprised how big a thing it is for people. They are definitely intereseting areas, but I’ve never been in an environment before were such themes were discussed.

Together with a couple of colleagues I organsed a Christmas party at my institution. We ate risalamande (danish dessert Christmas Eve), played Schrott Wichteln (Trash-presents play) and also had a Czech activity with homemade walnuts and candles in a basin of water. How the boats behave relative to each other will forsee your destiny.

Christmas Eve and Sylvester Abend

I spent my Christmas Eve together with the folks and my brother at my mom’s sister’s place in Nordjylland. It was a comfortable and cozy evening with all our traditions in Denmark. We ate the classic meal with potatos, brown sauce, roasted pork, duck and for dessert the beloved risalamande with cherry sauce. Afterwards we danced around the Christmas tree and then opened our presents. It was nice to see my little brother again – I’ve missed him more than I thought – much luv! ❤

New Year’s Eve / Sylvester Abend I spent in Rostock with my Triathlon club. We started in one appartment where there were food, drinks and music. Later I cycled to the habour to meet some friends, and jumped into 2017 with firework all around me and happy people everywhere. Later we went to the LT-Club in Rostock and partied. It was a fun night, but I have never experienced so many dangerous situations during a New Year’s Eve – so many people just threw fireworks as it was harmless waterballoons. But I – as the only one in entire Rostock I think – wore sunglasses to protect my sight, so all good. 🙂

Happy new year to everyone!! ❤

Beautiful people of Rostock

This post is a reflective piece of me, and what initial challenges I have had so far during my stay. I have just started learning the German culture, and I have many new impressions.

I’ve been in Germany for 2 ½ months now, and I have met enough people to call my sphere a network. In the beginning of my stay it was difficult meeting new people in my spare time.

My language was not not well enough developed so that I could be a part of a “normal” conversation. But I guess that the ones who have enough patience with me and my lacking cultural and social understanding will stick around 🙂 . I can feel a major development with my language, and as a consequence I can now understand more when I’m hanging out with German people. I have a better feeling of irony – yeah, for the ones reading this, who knows me well, will perhaps be quite surprised 😉 – and ‘non-said’ things going on when you’re with other people.

It was very difficult to get to know the people of Rostock personally – there is this distance. I sometimes wonder if foreigns in Denmark feel the same thing. It takes time and trust before people open up, and it is really frustating. You can easily become lonely in another country when you don’t have anyone by your side, as you’re used to having.

I can feel something new taking place – I have met a lot of new people in few weeks, and this must indicate that I have bursted some kind of bubble! I just enjoy every moment I have here, and I am grateful for all the people who are interested in getting to know me better and wants to hang out with me.

Szczecin European Film Festival ’16

Its been a little while since I made a post. I have had all kind of things to attend to – one of them is the film festival in Stettin – SEFF ’16. I attended the festival as part of the FiSH staff – we have a coordinating partnership between the two festivals.

We traveled to Poland the 18.10. and came home this afternoon, the 24.10. It has been an amazing experience – I have gained experience with the planning and orgnizational aspects of film festivals.

During our stay in Stettin, we have shared our work on the SEFF ’16 Blog – See our posts from SEFF ’16 here.

Below you can browse through my week in Stettin 2016.

Binz and lots of nature

October 1-3 2016

Monday the 3rd of October was The Day of German Unity, and so I traveled to the island Rügen and enjoyed the beautiful nature in three days together with Marie.

Rügen, largest island of Germany, in the Baltic Sea opposite Stralsund and separated from the German mainland by the Strelasund (Strela Sound) and the Bodden Strait.

Below you can browse through some photos from my adventure in Rügen.

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Celebrating my birthday in Rostock

September 18-27 2016

Hello world,

This weekend my parents, Alice and Bendix, and my boyfriend, Rasmus, came visiting me in Rostock. It was delightful to show my new city to them! They came here by car – 4 hours 30 minutes – Saturday at 11 o’clock – car fully loaded with stuff that I needed. They had also brought my cool bicycle with, fall-clothes etc.

Saturday 24.09.

Beautiful weather – sunshine and cloudless sky. Our first day was spent in Warnemünde where we strolled along the old harbor and out to the mole. Soffi had a great time chasing the seagulls and bathing a little in the Baltic Sea. We ate Danish Icecream, which is a very popular sweetness in Rostock and Warnemünde.

Even though we are in late September it was not chilly. Warnemünde was crowded with people – it always is during weekends – and with Soffi chasing every seagull and dove in a radius of 10 meters, it was pretty strenuous. But it was so nice to be together with her again!

We went to a very nice Resort restaurant Blaue boje to celebrate my birthday. It was the best Wienersnitzel I have ever tasted! The resturant lies to the east of Warnemünde and it took a while to drive there with car, but it was all worth it!

However! On our way home to Rostock, Mom and Dad saw that the GPS was set to cross the bay by ferry, and suddenly we were in a queue on our way on a ferry. Mom was sceptic but I thought it as a small adventure. It was only a 3-5 minute sail, but it was very beatiful with all the lights from the cities and ships. Rasmus and I were dropped off by my place and Mom and Dad went to their hotel. We were all tired, but Rasmus and I had just enough energy to watch “All Hail King Julien” on Netflix.

Sunday 25.09.

So many sweet and nice gifts from my family and friends – thanks to you all! I had a very special day with sunny weather and lovely company. We saw the old part of Rostock and the many churches – very cozy and relaxed environment in this part of the city. We ate lunch at the Likörfabrik and drank delicious summer drinks.

We ate so much nice food while my family was here that my Mom and Dad complained they could not eat so much food – Rasmus and I had no problems though ;-)!

Three media co-workers at Frieda are making an “Arrival to Rostock” film for me, and we met with them to film a little in the streets of Rostock. We ate delicious DDR Icecream and strolled down Kröpeliner straße like filmstars – quite fun!

At the Rathaus in Rostock there is a Bronze snake, and through all times it has been a symbol of luck to stroke the snake’s head. My Dad is not fond of snakes, so he had to live without a little luck. 😉 Many times the Bronze snake has been stolen due to the high value of the material, so the snake placed there today is not the original one.

Thanks for the nice visit from you guys, Mom, Dad and Rasmus. It really ment a lot to me that you came and saw where I live – see you again soon!

Tuesday 27.09.

At Frieda this Tuesday, I was celebrated with German Sugar – and Butter cakes. My co-workers also gave me a beautiful little flower, which I hope I can keep alive during my stay here.dsc_0011 My FiSH team consists of Arne and Zsolt (first two people to the left) and Patrick and I (first person to the right).

I am very happy to be a part of the project, and I am so excited for the upcoming months and can wait until the pressure and intensity kicks in!


Liebe Grüße,


Harry Potter and Gugelhupf

September 14-17 2016

I have become a member for the Stadt Bibliothek in Rostock this week, so what to lend? Well, Harry Potter of course!imag0888

I just finished ‘Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire” this spring and now I have lended “Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix” – Total krass!

I went to the beach and began reading it – and it is quite good, as expected. I love reading books, and now I challenge myself with a German Kinder book.

It is not so high LIX, but it is a beginning!

Harry Potter has just arrived with Mad Eye and the other members of the Phoenix at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Long Island Ice tea All-night biking!

IMAG0909.jpgFriday evening Marie and I went out to drink some beer and Long Island Ice tea with Felix, another volunteer. We started the evening at Peter Weiss Haus, but ended up biking around Rostock all night having a great time!

The picture is taken at Peter Weiss Haus and captures the unique style the place has.

Schwimmhalle and sweets

Today, Saturday the 17. of September I went to the Neptun Swimhall together with Marie. I tried swimming but it was not easy as I had to zig-zag between all the slow-swimming people. Later we went to the library to rent a movie – starring Johnny Depp!! – and went to my büro because there is Wi-Fi (order W-LAN wie man in Deutsch sagt).

The cake is a gugelhupf, apparantly some kind of lemon cake. It was nice!

On the picture you can see my büro where my team and I every day work from 10-15 Monday -Friday, Mac systems and all.

My first week in Rostock

September 7 – 14 2016

Hi guys! My first week in Rostock. Where to begin? I have experienced so much already. I arrived at Rostock Hafen with the ferry at 5 o’clock PM last Wednesday, and three co-workers stood waiting for me with danish flags – so nice!

It was so nice to travel by ferry – so sunny and beatiful at the Baltic Sea! My first sight of land was Warnemünde – the local exotic city with a long beach many tourists. The porttown Rostock lies some distance in the fjord: The porttown of Rostock

I have my own quite large room with two beds, a huge clothes closet and a desk. I share toilet and shower with another person in the appartment, and the kitchen is shared by all four girls in the appartment. I live with Clara-Marie (or just Marie – German) , Angi (German) und Lenka (Czech).

During the weekend, I went to the beach and swam and played volley ball. We went out Saturday night and drank some beer. I found out that young people often drink ‘Jever’.

A Jever beer is like a normal pilsner, but in my opinion i little jever_biermore strong than Danish pilsner ale.


Sightseeing Sunday the 11. September:

I went on a culture sightseeing together with Marie, my other EVS associate, Zsolt, and my tutor, Martze. Rostock is a center for culture, art and creativity. Originally, Rostock had 7 churches in order to give luck to the city.

First, we went to the evangelic church Skt. Nikolai Kirche in the old part of Rostock. This church is a culture church with art exhibitions about great world problems such as global warming, bombing and terror, ecology and consumption economics.

Afterwards we went to the Skt. Petri Kirche close by. Marie and I went up in the great tower of the church – 192 stair steps!

During the Second World War, Rostock was a test city for bombings for the Allies in order to investigate how people reacted and so on. Rostock was a big mess in the 1940s and the only buildings standing reasonable unharmed were the churches because they functioned as landmarks for the Allies.

The tower roof of the Skt. Petri Kirche was blowned away in 1942 and the church stood without a roof during the DDR time and was first monitored again in 1992. During the DDR time, churches were not deemed important a well as culture, art and so on were given low priorities.

We ate fish for lunch on a nice ship – the fish there is freshly caught every morning. Later we went to Lange Straße were an ecological forum was taking place the whole day.